Welcome to Genuine Adirondack!


Welcome to Genuine Adirondack!

Well, we’re finally moving!

Genuine Adirondack – The Name Says It All

In response to the economic crisis as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic we are offering all services of this website free of charge to all businesses within the Adirondack region. This includes business listings and our e-Commerce platform. There are no fees, costs or commission on sales for all Genuine Adirondack vendors to list their businesses and/or sell on this website.

Within just the past two weeks we have achieved many milestones including;

  • Implementation of a business listing system to be as inclusive as possible and thereby provide a local resource for all businesses.
  • Completion of the e-Commerce website coding.

As foundational pre-requisites for the website’s functionality we have previously;

  • Received approval from PayPal for our custom Direct to Vendor payment code
  • Have engaged in beta testing of shipping integration with USPS, FedEx, UPS and DHL with a decision on implementation to come next week.
  • Negotiations with North Country Public Radio (NCPR) for underwriting programming to notify prospective vendors and begin consumer awareness
  • Securing the domain names AdirondackMarketplace.com and AdirondackExchange.com for additional exposure for Adirondack region businesses and to add additional scope for product and service offerings

Thank you for your interest in the Genuine Adirondack Community!

—– Genuine Adirondack

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