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Dedicated to empowering genuine Adirondack artists, craftspeople, and service providers from New York’s Adirondack region. Scroll down and learn more about what we’re about and what we can do for you.
Genuine Adirondack – The Name Says It All.

No Commission on Vendor Sales. No Cost for Business Listings.

In response to the economic threat to our region due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Genuine Adirondack is opening this website to all businesses selling products and/or providing services within the Adirondack region at no cost to Vendors (sellers) or those wishing to have their business listied within this website.

The following information is for Genuine Adirondack prospective Vendors who wish to sell products or services on the website. Please scroll down to the business listing section for those who just want to list their business within the website. Thanks.

Genuine Adirondack is now providing Vendors with the opportunity to sell without any commission on sales or any other fees or costs – with the exception of costs assessed from PayPal directly to Vendors as PayPal transaction fees.

How It Works

Step 1: Apply

First, review the Vendor Terms and Conditions and the Vendor Code of Ethics and Business Conduct and should you agree to abide by them then just click on the “Apply Now” button which will take you to the Prospective Vendor Registration form.

Once you have submitted the form you will be sent an e-mail with an activation link which will take you
to the Prospective Vendor Application page.
Fill out the Application (it’s just 12 questions) and submit.

Apply Now

Once we review your Application we will call to speak with you if we have not already done so.

We will likely ask you for images of the products you want to place on our website.

If you are approved then you will receive an e-mail from us welcoming you to the Genuine Adirondack Community!

If you are not approved then you will receive an e-mail from us which will provide you with the reason(s) and suggest ways you can become
a Genuine Adirondack Vendor.

Once you have received your Welcome e-mail confirming your application has been approved just use the login credentials you provided when you registered as a prospective vendor and you will be shown your own store dashboard. You will then enter your profile information (your name, the name of your Genuine Adirondack store, your contact information, etc.).

If you are just listing a business then you will not have a store login. See Step 4, below.

Your dashboard will allow you to add your products, upload images and enter shipping information. If you are listing your business you will asked for the name of your business and given instructions to submit your listing for display within the website.

If you need help, don’t worry. There will be plenty of documentation made available with simple steps you can follow to get the job done. If that fails or if you need to accomplish something that is not yet documented then send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll give you a hand.

Thank you for your interest in joining the Genuine Adirondack Community!

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Come On In!

Thank you for your interest in joining the Genuine Adirondack community!

According to the Adirondack Council approximately 10 million people from all over the world visit the Adirondack region each year. While here, many of them, tired of the blizzard of plastic trinkets, seek out authentic, real – genuine Adirondack products, services and events. Once these consumers left the Region they had limited (if any) chance to find and purchase a product they encountered from a small or micro producer when they were here.

In either case, these potential consumers had to scour the Internet to hunt and peck to find what they were looking for (and many never found them), searching through Google and various marketplace websites. What products there are, are often hidden by clutter and questions of what was “genuine” Adirondack and what was not. Many prospective consumers became frustrated and often made no purchase at all.

Then there are the makers, the vast number of artisans within the Adirondack Region, the “invisible factory” of producers that either cannot or do not place their creations, their business listings, services or events on the Internet. In this day and age of modern, sophisticated consumers (who can barely move from room-to-room without an Internet connected device) if it is not on the Internet then it may as well not exist at all.

This is where Genuine Adirondack comes in. We connect consumers searching for all things  “genuine” Adirondack with the vendors who create and provide them. With no cost for e-Commerce or business listings artisans, vendors, businesses and service providers of all kinds can now come together in one platform which consumers can trust to give them the “genuine” Adirondack products, services, business listings and events they seek – all in one place.

Genuine Adirondack is more than a website, it’s a way of saying that the offerings on this platform can be trusted by website users and consumers as actually coming from the hands, hearts and minds of the people who actually live and work here. It is those who actually create the products, provide the services, hold the events and list their Adirondack region businesses within this platform that the users and consumers of this website are looking to find.

This means that users and consumers of this website are actively seeking out authentic, real elements of the Adirondack lifestyle and experience and in doing so provide our vendors with a rich and diverse viewing base that are already predisposed in their desire for the real thing – genuine Adirondack.

These consumers have higher expectations and need to trust that they are getting what they came for. Because we have to build and maintain that trust and the integrity of the products and services, business listings and events, art and literature and other content posted on this website we are more selective about who can join the Genuine Adirondack community than most other platforms.

As the owners of this unique website, the only one website built to connect consumers with Vendors from the Adirondack region,Genuine Adirondack is proud to help makers, sellers and service providers of all kinds promote themselves and thereby promote our region.


No Barrier to Entry

It’s Free!
With no commission on sales or any other fees or costs you can sell your products or list your business to be shown to users looking to buy local – to buy Genuine Adirondack!


Seller’s Dashboard

You are in charge! Fulfill orders, track sales and inventory. Automatically send notices to buyers when their order is filled and print shipping labels right from your dashboard. You even get your own mini store and profile page.


Great Support

An intuitive, easy to use interface, in-depth documentation and phone support if you need it. We are right here in the Adirondack region and can even come by to your business to consult with you (hot cocoa appreciated).

Business Listing Plan

For those of you who just want to have your business listed within

Business Listings are FREE!

By listing your business with Genuine Adirondack you are joining a unique community, one that is dedicated to the mission of Genuine Adirondack – to bring products and services originating within the Adirondack Region to consumers seeking to patronize local businesses.

Business listing pricing is simple – you get all the features for one low price. Just click the Apply Now! button to begin your application process to become a Genuine Adirondack Vendor and get your business listed on

Thank you for your interest in joining the Genuine Adirondack community!

Vendor Services

Genuine Adirondack provides a range of vendor services both through this website and beyond. Check out what we offer to see if your business can benefit, then contact us to talk about it.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Genuinely Different

Genuine Adirondack is the only website which is created in the Adirondack Region, by a local business for local businesses, where vendors can sell their products and services and receive payment directly from the purchasers with
no sales commissions or other fees and costs.

While a purchaser pays for their own shipping costs, PayPal payment processing fees (about 3%) are assessed to the Vendor by PayPal upon sale of a product.


Some Nice Things Said About Us

“We’re New …”

While we’re looking forward to some great testimonials we’re new, so we don’t have any yet. You didn’t expect us to just make something up did you?

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