So many people who have visited the Adirondack region have been amazed by its beauty and the people who live, create and work in the midst of this natural wonder. Consumers wanting experiences, products and services reflecting the true character of the region have had few ways to find them. Further, these consumers could not find a single, comprehensive place to search – nor a place they could trust – to provide them with the “genuine” Adirondack experiences, products and services they were looking for.

Yet many of our great craftspeople, artisans, musicians, writers and restaurateurs, the guides, experience providers and small businesses throughout the region who have a true desire to share the many facets of the Adirondack way of life, as they see it, have had few ways to be found. For most of them, the acquiring, maintaining and marketing of their own website was out of reach. Those that sold some items among the major website marketplaces often received little scattered attention from distracted users.

Leveraging the power of the Internet this website seeks to bridge that gap with a community of Vendors gaining exposure to consumers already predisposed to purchasing “genuine” Adirondack. As the only marketplace website dedicated solely to small businesses, service providers, artisans, craftspeople and events within the Adirondack region, and with principles and standards for those who are trusted as Vendors, this is a website consumers can trust and from which our Vendors and our regional economy can grow and flourish.

A commitment to quality

Vendors pledge that the majority of materials, labor and creative work is sourced from the Adirondack Region.

Maintaining Our Natural Resources

Our resources include not only the mountains, water, flora and fauna but also the people who live, work and play in the Adirondack Region.

Inspiration through education

We strive to provide a accessible resource for historical writings, art, music and educational material about the Adirondack Region.